Total Nucleic Acid (DNA-RNA) extraction kit

The GenoSPYD Nucleic Acid extraction kit has been designed to meet several applications :

Analysis of saliva; paper points, eswab

Analysis of liquid biopsy (from blood serum) for circulating free NA

Analysis of microbiote (from saliva, urine, feces)

Analysis of sepsis (from blood sample)

Analysis of sterility testing (pharma product, surfaces, platelets, human cell culture, water…)

Analysis and quantification of Total Viable Bacteria and Yeast & Mold

SalivORAL® : saliva collection kit adapted to your needs

kit for collecting and stabilizing

kit for extracting and purifying total nucleic acids (ADN+ARN) (GenoSPYD)

kit to analyzed volatiles compounds (VOCs) by SPME-GC-MS

Oncoral analysis or saliva Volatonomic studies

GenoSPYD Nucleic Acid Extraction method

The purification of the total nucleic acids (DNA + RNA) is carried out on a minimum volume of 250 μL sample and up to 10 ml.

The nucleic acids, after extraction and purification, are concentrated in a volume of 50 μL. DNAse step is optional.

15,24 or 96 samples can be prepared in 1 hour.

The total nucleic acids purified and concentrated by this method can be analyzed by QPCR, Reverse Transcriptase Q-PCR and Digital PCR systems.

Manual or fully automated solution

DNA-RNA Q-PCR reagent kits

DNA Q-PCR kit (Sybgreen Taq polymerase)

1. Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans
2. Porphyromonas gingivalis
3. Tannerella forsythia
4. Treponema denticola
5. Prevotella intermedia
6. Parvimonas micra
7. Fusobacterium nucleatum
8. Campilobacter rectus
9. Eikenella corrodens
10. Candida albicans
11. Prevotella nigrescens
12. Campylobacter gracilis
13. Capnocytophaga ochracea
14. Capnocytophaga sputigena
15. Campylobacter concisus
16. Streptococcus mitis
17. Streptococcus spp.
18. Actinomyces viscosus
19. Actinomyces odontolyticus
20. Veillonella parvula
21. Enterocccus spp.
22. Enterococcus faecalis
23. Streptococcus mutans
24. Lactobacillus spp.
25. Legionella pneumophila
26. Pseudomonas aeruginosa

RNA Q-PCR kit (Taqman Tth polymerase)

1. Total Bacteria Count
2. Total Yeast & Mold
3. E.coli
4. Enterococcus spp.
5. Staphyococcus aureus

All our PCR reagents are validated on MIC PCR instrument from BioMolecularSystem